About Suki

My first great writing accomplishment was in the third grade, when I wrote a novel on purple notebook paper and turned it in for extra credit. Since then, I attended Stanford University and the University of Michigan, where I received an MFA in Creative Writing and won the Hopwood Award for short fiction. I wrote my second novel, which I also turned in for extra credit.

Since becoming a parent, my work has changed to match my life, focusing on journalism about parenting, gifted education, and homeschooling; fiction for children; and teaching writing and literature to homeschooled kids. My journalism stems from my belief that our modern "village" is creating a new form of informed parenting, and that we are all better parents when we join together. My book, From School to Homeschool, grew from my observation that parents of gifted children (who really should be classified as children with special needs) were more and more coming to homeschooling in crisis mode. My book Hanna, Homeschooler was inspired when my homeschooled daughter noticed that all the chapter books she read took place in school. Homeschool with Confidence is based on the goal-setting work I did with my own children and with students.

Besides writing, I am also a teacher and a musician. I teach online at Athena's Advanced Academy and in-person in Santa Cruz. I was a founding member of the Santa Cruz choral group Ariose Singers, and am currently singing and performing jazz/folk/pop on my own and with No Divas, an 8-woman vocal ensemble. Please join my e-mail list if you would like to know about upcoming performances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the name? When I was born, my paternal grandfather lived in Japan. When my parents called to let him know that they'd had a daughter named Susana, he suggested Suki as a nickname. Growing up in the Midwest with an unusual name is a character-building experience, for sure.

What about socialization? I can assure you that my kids are no weirder having been homeschooled than they would have been going to school. I, for example, am a product of the American public school system. Q.E.D.

How did you know, at the age of five, that cat's eye glasses would come back into style? Well, as I remember it, there were two styles of glasses available when I got mine: The boys' glasses and the girls' glasses. Style, clearly, had nothing to do with it.

Who painted that portrait? That's me at 20, painted by Robin Richmond. More info and full portrait here.