Homeschool with ConfidenceWelcome to my homeschool goal-setting page! On this page, you will find supporting materials for my book, Homeschool with Confidence: A Goal-Setting Guide for Teens. I wrote this book because other goal-setting curriculum I have used is very focused on school. And as we homeschoolers know, we're different (and proud of it)!

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Homeschool with Confidence is available May 15, 2017 from and It will be available in e-book format in the near future.

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I teach online classes for teens and parents at Athena's Advanced Academy and offer in-person classes mostly in Santa Cruz, CA and nearby counties. Some of my classes are geared specifically toward homeschoolers, but most are for both schooling and homeschooling families. (My family is a bit of both!) Please join my email lists for notifications. Also, check my Parenting & Education Facebook Page for workshop announcements.

I am happy to set up goal-setting workshops for groups of 4 or more. Please contact me for information.

Course list for June through August, 2017:

Note: Goal-Setting for Sanity is the introductory workshop which is offered free (or low-cost for the online version). Goal-Setting for Parents and Goal-Setting for Teens are limited enrollment, focused workshops that are fee-based depending on location.

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